New York Winters Could End Up Like Alabama’s by 2050??



Could have fooled me, certainly after this brutal winter we had last year.

A recent report from the New York Panel on Climate Change found that a dramatic shift in temperature would make winters in the city resemble those of Birmingham, Alabama, by 2050.

I know what you’re thinking great news, no more ice-cold winters. With the increase of around five degrees in the average temperature, the number of days where temperatures drop under 32 degrees will lessen, and go from 72 to a range of 42 to 48.

Bad news is, the temperature will also rise and push the number of days above 90 degrees to a range of 39 to 52 and increase the rate of heat waves. Reports from WNYC is that with the average temperatures rising, the number of heat-related deaths is predicted to rise up to 500 percent if the city doesn’t adapt. No good.

But not so fast…the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that this winter will be quite the bite that winter 2013 was, where all throughout the country we were hit with major snow storms.

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