Nicki Minaj Got Bodied By A Love & Hip Hop B*TCH!!

Sooo there was a murder Saturday in the hip hop community,  34-year-old Rapper Nicki Minaj was “Shethered” by fellow Rapper Remy Ma on her new diss track “SHETHER”. The seven-minute recording rehashes old rumors that Minaj has gotten plastic surgery and used ghostwriters, among others. Ummm,  was anyone expecting this blood bath? I know I wasn’t, honestly never saw this one coming….but boy did it ever. 

Nicki Minaj hopped on Gucci Manes “Make Love” track and threw shade and subliminals at Remy Ma. So Remy Ma wasn’t having that and  shethers the Young Money rapper in this new diss track. “SHETHER” used the beat to the Nas’ 2001 Jay-Z diss “Ether,” as Remy fired several shots at Nicki. The diss track opens with a clip of Nicki Minaj yelling, “Free Remy! Then, Remy went in on Nicki for allegedly getting a** shots.

She spits fire:

I told you I wasn’t talking about your dumb a**

You look stupid. You literally got a dumb a**

Talking cray, and we all know you dumb as

You get Donkey of the Day. Yeah you, dumb a**

Let’s be honest you stole that line about b*tches being your sons

How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run

Talking about bringing knives to a fight with guns

When the only shots you ever took was in your buns

Now there were a lot of people dragged into this beef that want no parts of it. Remy Ma claims Nicki slept with “Mr Steal Your Girl” R&B singer Trey Songz and Hot 97 radio station on air personality Ebro Darden. Hot 97’s Funk Flex and many on the internet have been giving Ebro props for his alleged “accomplishments” if you will.  Both Trey Songz & Ebro have denied having sex with Minaj, but even if they did, would they really admit to that?! We highly doubt it, can’t blame them either way. Allegedly Nicki’s ex boyfriend Meek Mill was not able to have sex with Nicki for weeks at a time because her ass dropped due to all the injection shots she received. Meek Mill was also called out by rapper the Game for being salty about being dumped by Nicki Minaj and allegedly telling Remy Ma about their relationship issues. Meek Mill also reposted a screenshot of Ebro’s Instagram meme and “liked” (a Mortal Kombat fatality sequence with Remy’s character brutalizing Nicki), The Game took the side of his “Pills N Potions” video co-star, going on a more than 300-word rant against Meek Mill in the caption below.

There are a lot of accusations made in “SHETHER”, whether they are true or not, we have no idea, however one thing we do know is that there is a new rap beef in the hip hop world that we are sure as hell interested in seeing how it plays out.

I see it this way, Nicki Minaj has about, I would say 24 more hours to respond with an official diss track back at Remy, if and when she does… better be pure fire!  Takes me back to when Nas “Ethered” Jay-Z and Drake ripped Nicki’s ex-man Meek Mill, it was pure destruction!  Jay & Meek never responded correctly and on time, so if Nicki wants to save her career or at least her reputation….she better not follow after their foot steps. Her loyal “Barbs” must be heated at Remy, but hey they have to realize, don’t start nuthin, won’t be nuthin, that’s the law of the land and definitely the hip hop world. Stay tuned for updates as we will be following the latest developments in this new hip hop beef.

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