Obama Attacks Trump In Speech And Encourages Americans To Vote For Hillary

President Obama THZ Photo Library

President Obama
THZ Photo Library

Applause and cheers filled the Wells Fargo Convention Center last night as President Obama and one-time rival, Hillary Clinton exchanged a heartfelt embrace following the president’s final DNC speech.  In the arena full of supporters who carried him into presidential victory over Clinton back into 2008, Obama expressed gratitude and gave the head-nod for Americans to make Clinton the 44th president of the U.S.

‘America, you have vindicated that hope these past eight years. And now I’m ready to pass the baton and do my part as a private citizen,’ he said. This year, in this election, I’m asking you to join me – to reject cynicism, reject fear, to summon what’s best in us; to elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States, and show the world we still believe in the promise of this great nation.’

Obama then condemned Donald Trump for his negative portrayal of America as a nation and belligerence, therefore  alluding to popular belief that Clinton’s the more knowledgeable candidate.

‘Hillary knows we can insist on a lawful and orderly immigration system while still seeing striving students and their toiling parents as loving families, not criminals or rapists’ he said. ‘She knows their dream is quintessentially American, and the American Dream is something no wall will ever contain.’

 ‘Trump is fanning the flames, of resentment, and blame, and anger and hate,’ said Obama. Clinton, on the other hand ‘keeps her cool, and treats everybody with respect.’

And no matter how daunting the odds; no matter how much people try to knock her down, she never, ever, quits,’ he added. In tandem with the cosign, on Hillary for President, Obama went on to defend Clinton’s judgement in choosing Tim Kaine as her Vice President.

‘Tim Kaine is as good a man, as humble and as committed a public servant as anybody that I know. I know his family. I love Anne. I love their kids. He will be a great vice president,’ Obama said, vouching for the U.S. Senator.

 ‘He will make Hillary a better President – just like my dear friend and brother, Joe Biden, has made me a better president.’

Concluding his speech Obama added: ‘Time and again, you’ve picked me up. And I hope, sometimes, I picked you up, too. And tonight, I ask you to do for Hillary Clinton what you did for me.

‘I ask you to carry her the same way you carried me. Because you’re who I was talking about 12 years ago when I talked about hope. It’s been you who fueled my dogged faith in our future, even when the odds were great; even when the road is long. Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope.’

Well, there you have it! Signed, cosigned, sealed, and delivered by the President himself. Vote for Hillary Clinton this election for a brighter future.

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