Official Call of Duty: Black Ops III Trailer Release

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The first ever zombie map “Nacht Der Untoten,” translation “Night of the Undead.” This was the first zombie map for Call of Duty and it was as simple as could be. Three rooms, absolutely no perks, you were given wall guns and a mystery box only. Your objective is to survive the horde of zombies. No real defined characters or story line.

“Verruct” was our next installment translation “Asylum of the Dead.” Four new perks were introduced; quick revival, double tap, juggernaut, and fast hands. The objective is to unite the characters by turning on the power and surviving the hoard together. It is also the first map to include power ups as well as electricity.

“Shi No Numa” was the third map installment and the first map to not include Nazi zombies. It’s also the first map to introduce our four main characters, Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai.“Shi No Numa” was the first installment to allow players free roaming rather than zombies just spawning from behind a barrier. Hell hounds were also introduced for the first time as well as a wonder weapon.

Three maps later a story line started to unfold. Our fourth map was called “Der Rise” translation “The Giant Is Rising.” The first where zombies could climb walls as well as jump down. It’s also the introduction of the Pack a Punch machine. Monkey bombs as well as traps are all introduced.

This takes us now to “Black Ops One.” “Kino Der Toten,” translation “Battle the Undead.” This map takes place in a Nazi movie theater. From its first release in the Nazi zombie mode in 2008 Call of Duty: World at War. Zombies has become a cult classic. These four maps set the foundation to what we know as zombies’ game play today. We have had many different maps over time such as the Moon to Alcatraz prison, all with one simple objective in mind to survive the horde of zombies.

Today July 9, 2015, the anticipation of the world wide reveal of Treyarchs Black Ops 3 Zombies trailer grew even stronger. So many questions come to mind. Will our characters return? What amazing weapons await us? Will we the fans be granted a full story line?

Of course Call of duty Advanced Warfare has given us their version of zombies and I for one am grateful. However, nothing compares to what Treyarch brought to the table for zombies fans. Many have said that they simply buy Call of Duty Black Ops for the zombie edition. I am one of those fans. However, I will not take anything away from how great of a game the Black Ops franchise has been for me. It has yet to disappointment me.

A lot of viewers are already 50/50 as to how they feel about the path the Treyarch has taken when it comes to this new zombie release. A lot of fans want the original Nazi zombie feel back. They want the simplicity back that the Treyarch first revealed. With that said, there is a lot of new things to look forward to with this new map. Not only are we being introduced to new characters, we are also getting introduced to a couple new and exciting things. An example of this is acquiring a perk. It is no longer with a cola machine. It is not with a gum ball machine. Not only are the weapons that we saw in the trailer a new edition (it has the futuristic feel to it.) They have also included something that in my opinion was lacking. The previous game was an actual ranking system. Now, it is not going to be just a leaderboard that sets you apart from your actual zombie skills. Our overall opinion of this trailer, is that although the zombie gaming genre has been done, Treyarch still has the ability to set themselves apart and still manage to bring something new to the table. Although as of right now, there is no say as to whether or not the original characters will return, it is still something we eagerly anticipate will happen in the future.

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