Perseid 2015: A Meteor Shower To Remember



If you’re anything like me, than you may not pay attention to news about space very often; I never owned a telescope as a child, and I don’t know all of the star constellations.

So, naturally, the news about the Perseid meteor shower of 2015 was one article that I quickly skipped over.

However, then the topic came up again and again, until, finally, I did some research. Now, I understand what the Internet is going crazy about, and I’d be happy to fill you in!

Let me start with some background about what exactly the Perseid meteor shower is.

In 1862, the famous astronomer, Horace P. Tuttle, discovered the Swift-Tuttle Comet, and that is where the meteors that we can see during the Perseid meteor shower come from.

Basically, these little pieces of icy debris from the passing comet enter our atmosphere so fast that they burn brilliantly, lighting up our night sky.

This year is predicted to be especially exciting because the meteor shower is arriving with a new moon. This means that the meteor flashes will be easier to see, since the light from the moon won’t get in the way.

So, if you’re not a “space-y” person, this might actually be the best meteor shower for you to pursue. It will truly be beautiful and think of all of the wishes you could make!

Plus, no fancy telescope is required to see the 90 to 100 shooting stars that will appear every hour. Yes, I just said 90 ‘wishing stars’ per hour!

The shower will peak from August 11 to August 14, with the best sights predicted to appear on Thursday August 13 at 4 a.m EDT.

If you’re a night person, don’t worry about waking up before the sun; you will probably be able to see some shooting stars anytime after midnight.

So, are you convinced? Head to any beach or rural area for the brightest flashes in the sky, or, check out #meteorshower on Twitter and watch it live starting at Wednesday August 12 at 8 p.m.!

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