Spotify Races Against Competitors Towards The Future Of The Music Streaming App



It’s very early on a Sunday morning. You roll out of bed, rubbing your eyes, and make your way into the kitchen to make coffee. The soft glow of sunlight is just beginning to make its way through your window and you go sit down at the table as you wait for the caffeine to take effect. It’s too early and you’re still half asleep, so you don’t exactly have the brain-power yet to scroll through all 3,000 songs on your smartphone to find the perfect (and not-overwhelming) soundtrack for your morning.

Luckily, Spotify just launched a feature called Spotify Now, which recommends songs and genres to correspond to a listener’s schedule throughout his day. Spotify Now will be able to give you the soft, acoustic-indie music for your Sunday morning and then around 9am when it’s time for some shower-karaoke, it can give you the kinds of songs that make you want to belt into your shampoo bottle like it’s a microphone.

This is one of the many new features that Spotify is adding to its repertoire, as CEO Daniel Ek recently told the media during Spotify’s N.Y.C. press conference.

Another notable aspect of Spotify Now is that it will have a lot more original video and audio content plus short clips from a very large variety of providers. From ESPN and TED to comedy central and MTV, there really will be something for everyone in a way that goes beyond music.

All of these updates and improvements to the app are part of Spotify’s efforts to stay relevant amongst the increasing competition in the music streaming industry. From apps as mainstream as YouTube or Snapchat to the newer yet very-powerful competitors like Apple (with Beats Music) and Jay-Z’s Tidal, Spotify is racing to stay ahead.

I don’t use that term ‘racing’ lightly.

In fact, one of Spotify’s most impressive new features is called Spotify Running. It uses your smartphone’s technology to detect your speed as you run or jog and then it plays music that matches your pace with the same BPM (beats-per-minute). The app can even slightly change a song’s tempo to match your pace without compromising the original tune!

From slow-moving Sunday mornings to fast-paced workouts it looks like Spotify is trying to work its way into every single part of our day. However, with the competition building in intensity, perhaps that is the only way for the app to secure its future.

These new features reveal that Spotify does not intend to lose its title as one of the largest music streaming platforms anytime soon.

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