Strip Club Patron Calls 911 After Dancer Refuses Sex



So let’s get this clear…the whole night roughly cost him $1000, he didn’t get laid, and he got arrested?

That must be one hell of an embarrassing story to tell, which is exactly how a 53-year old Montana man spent his evening. It started out just like any ol’ night at Sagebrush Sam’s Exotic Dance Club, music bumpin’, dancers dancing, and bills flyin’…$350 dollars worth of bills that is on a private dance.

William McDaniel had his blood pumping looking for some fun, thinking he paid for a whole lot more than just a “private dance”. Things began to get out of hand as he became “sexually aggressive” towards the stripper.

She let him know that sex doesn’t fall under her job description, and immediately cut the dance short. I know, I know…you must be like DUH!

That’s when things took a turn for the worst. McDaniel then demanded that he get a refund on the $350 he just spent. Which the club refused…

Furious at this point, McDaniel decided the smart thing to do would be to call 911 to place a customer complaint. BAD MOVE WILLY! The police came and arrested McDaniel for solicitation of prostitution. This certainly wasn’t one of his smarter decisions in life.

McDaniel was released after posting bond=$550

A private dance that was ultimately cut short=$350

…and of course calling the cops on yourself, losing all man-hood along the way…PRICELESS.


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