Taylor Swift Incognito?

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Taylor Swift has been noticeably absent from the spotlight of late, with a quieter social media than usual and no signs of her annual 4th of July blowout.

This remained true last night despite a viral rumor about the singer/songwriter which started on a lesser-know photo-sharing site.

“Splash News” began circulating the photo Monday afternoon of several men, reported to be Swift’s security guards, carrying a large suitcase. The caption, which misspelled Swift’s first name as “Tailor” claimed that the photo was taken outside of the singer’s New York City apartment and that she was inside the suitcase and was transported that way to her truck.

The photo story also noted that there was a “fleet” of cars and “almost a dozen” of Swift’s security guards were outside the TriBeCa apartment.

The outlandish claim reported as if factual sent Twitter into a tizzy, with most commenters dubious but desperate to know if the story was true.

Buzzfeed is now reporting that “Splash News” is having to retract the story after receiving backlash from Swift’s “camp.”

Though most responders did seem certain the story had to be false, one commented: “I mean if there’s one person who would go to this extent…”

The best representation of the overall reaction, however, comes from the most quoted Tweet: “There is no story I want to be more true than Taylor Swift being packed in a suitcase.”

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