THZ Exclusive: Joan Oloff Revolutionizes High Heels for Women With A New Design Approach

Photo Credit: Ashley Lutzker/ THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: Guenter Knop / THZ Photo Library

Ladies, how many times have you wanted to go out with high heels? And, ended up changing your mind because you wanted to avoid the painful aftermath.

Well, prepare to have your minds blown! Renowned foot surgeon, Joan Oloff has discovered a way to make a high heeled shoe not only super cute, but also surprisingly comfortable.

Since a very young age, Oloff was surrounded by shoes. Her grandfather opened her family’s first shoe store in 1920, which was located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her father grew up in the apartment above the family store. He and his three brothers began to work in the family shoe business, when they became adults. Oloff even worked in her fathers shoe business as a young girl.

So, in time Oloff started her own journey and became a podiatrist, and then a foot and ankle surgeon.

This, Wednesday evening THZ got the opportunity to attend Dr. Joan Oloff’s SS’16/AW’16 Launch! (and even got to a try on a pair of shoes)

We even spent some time talking to Dr. Oloff. When asked why high heels were next point of interest, after so much time working in the treatment of feet, she said, “Well I’ve had this in my head, ever since I was a little girl because I grew up in the retail shoe business, and I watched my dad sell high heels to women, and I can remember being like five-years-old watching him try them out, and I was like these do not look very comfortable. And then what happens, as a foot doctor, I see women, 50 years old without a voice, very sheepishly apologize to me for the way their feet look.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Lutzker/ THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: Guenter Knop/ THZ Photo Library

Oloff has spent year listening to women constantly complaining about their damaged feet because of their continuos prolonged high heel wear, so Oloff developed a high heeled shoe that could bring these women out of their painful misery. She said, “I’ve challenged myself to create a high fashion luxury shoe that is constructed in such a way that it can accomodate the structure and function of the human foot, while still maintaing delicate and beautiful lines.”

Sounds like quite the feat Dr. O! Even, CBS Host Gayle King came on Tuesday evening, and complimented Dr. Oloff on her innovative shoe.

One of the shoe’s most amazing components is that the shoe looks like the average high heel, and upon trying it on you will not see how it is modified to not bring the foot discomfort, a special insole reconstruction. The shoes are also handmade in (arguably the finest leather in the world) Italy.

The motto for Dr. Oloff is that, women should not have to choose between style and comfort.

“I’m just a girl with a dream,” Dr. Oloff said regarding her brain.

BRB totally putting a pair Dr. Oloff’s booties on my Valentine’s Day gift list.


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