Top Ten Polite Things That People Stopped Doing

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In society, being polite can take you a long way. Even doing the little things like saying please or thank you or walking an old lady across a busy intersection can warm your heart.

Throughout the years, people’s manners  just aren’t what they used to be. With that in mind, here are the top ten polite things that people stopped doing:

  • Writing Thank You Notes– If a neighbor gives you a gift, it is only right that you send a thank you note. Sadly this is a lost art in gift giving.
  • Taking Off Your Hat Indoors– Remember those days in school where we had to take our hats off as a sign of respect towards our teachers? In today’s society, it is now perfectly acceptable. 
  • Saying You’re Welcome– When you say thank you, you expect the other person to say you’re welcome. That became a lost art. Saying no problem or yup is not the appropriate answer.
  • RSVPing To An Event– You have three choices: Yes, No and Maybe. If you click on maybe and show up then there is something wrong with you. Yes or no people!
  • Welcoming New Neighbors With A Batch Of Cookies Or A Cake– Because it is courtesy.
  • Holding The Door For The Person Behind You– Years ago everyone said thank you to this gesture. Now, you probably would get a murderous look and silence.
  • Never Interrupting Someone’s Phone Call– Respect people!
  • Kids Calling Grownups Mr. Or Mrs.- It was all the rage back then. This generation of kids calls grownups by their first names, which is disrespectful.
  • Giving Up Your Seat To A Elderly Person Or Pregnant Woman– It is only right.
  • Making Conversation Without Looking At Your Smartphone Every Two Minutes– Embrace conversation people! 

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