Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight: When To See The ‘Blood Moon’



Turn off your TV and get out your binoculars because the sky is changing it up tonight. There will be a total lunar eclipse meaning that the sun, earth and moon will align casting the earth’s shadow completely over the moon.

The moon will be turning a brownish blood red color in the sky, deserving of the nickname “blood moon.” It can be seen from the entire continental United States, Central America and parts of South America. If you live on the West Coast, you won’t have to stay up too late to see it. Here’s the breakdown:

10:20pm (PTD): A penumbral eclipse will begin, meaning that a very faint and subtle shadow will be cast on the moon. You’ll probably have to look hard.

10:58pm (PTD): A partial eclipse will begin, looking like something took a bite out of the moon. As the minutes pass the shadow will grow across the moon’s surface, getting larger.

12:07am (PTD): The entire earth’s shadow will be cast across the moon, giving it the dried blood color.

Alan MacRobert from Sky and Telescope magazine says that,  “if you were standing on the moon during a total lunar eclipse you would see the Earth as a black disk with a brilliant orange ring around it. And this brilliant ring would be bright enough to dimly light up the lunar landscape.”  

The eclipse should last until about 1:25am and then start reverting back to normal. You can stay up until around 3:30am to watch the shadow slowly creep away from the moon once more.

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