Women Have Stronger Orgasms If Their Partner Is Funny and Rich a New Study Shows



Sexual satisfaction can be different from one woman to another. However, women have stronger orgasms if their partner is funny and rich a new study shows.  It is also related to how physically attracted women were to their partner, as well as the breadth of his shoulders.

A new study shows it may not be all about technique guys. In recent findings that looked at whether orgasm intensity, frequency and sexual satisfaction are determined by a woman’s choice of partner, shows it may have more to do about his qualities than his skills in the sack.

The studies discovery came that frequency was related to intensity, which is a lot stronger when the partner was funny, self-confident and their family were high earners. The study conducted by psychologist George Gallup and his colleagues at the University of Albany surveyed female college students in relationships about how often they experienced an orgasm during sex. The details included would be partner’s families income, body measurements, personality, and looks.

Orgasm frequency was highly correlated with orgasm intensity, and orgasm intensity was a ‘marginally better predictor of sexual satisfaction than orgasm frequency’, said Professor Gallup.

‘We also identified a series of partner psychological traits: motivation, intelligence, focus, and determination that predicted how often women initiated sexual intercourse.

‘Their partner’s sense of humor not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women’s propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex, and it enhanced their orgasm frequency in comparison with other partners,’ added the researchers.

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